Emilio is portrayed by Cliff Curtis in the Colombiana Film.


Emilio was the brother, of Fabio, and the uncle of Cataleya Restrepo. Cataleya had found him in Chicago, where he was beating a man for unknown reasons.

Cataleya tells him that she wants to be a killer, and give her two options after brutally murdering someone: start from scratch, or build up knowelege. 15 years later, she was a full blown assassin working under Emilio.

A day after her assassination plot in jail, Emilio found out when he bought the newspaper. He scolded Cataleya, as she had done this out of spite (since he was of the drug cartel gang Señor Luis owned).

Emilio and Cataleya's last encounter was at a library, where he too scolded Cataleya. Marco, under the orders of Luis, killed Emilio and his family; adding onto Cataleya's dispair.

Combat AbilitiesEdit

Emilio was a killer, and a gang member. He has shown some skill with firearms; being able to knock a car off course and kill the driver with only a pistol as an example of showing Cataleya what a killer was.


"What would you do? Start early, or go to school?"
―Emilio to Cataleya Restrepo

Emilio was the leader of a drug cartell; where he was first seen in chicago beeting up a man for unknown reasons. Unlike his brother, Fabio, he is rutheless, randomly killing a driver to demonstrate to Cataleya what being a killer really is. Later on in life, he attends a church. It is unknown if Emilio is still the leader of a gang. Ironically, he was killed tied to a chair; simillarly to the way the man that he was beating died.