Don Luis

Don Luis, in honorific terms, Señor Luis, is the main antagonist of the Colombiana Film. He is portrayed by Beto Benites.


Fabio and Luis have confronted eachother, only to chase eachother down shortly afterwards. Luis sends Marco to chase after Fabio, which later leads to the death of Cataleya Restrepo's parents. Unfortunatley for Luis, Cataleya manages to get away.

15 years later, Cataleya takes extreme measures, which involves the FBI, and the defeat of Luis's men. As Catleya shreds her way to Luis, he is confronted by Richard.

With all his men are killed, he flees. He recieves a call from "Marco", though it happens to be Cataleya, to which Luis claims that he will chase her down and eventually kill her.

Cataleya's plans were a success, and Luis was supprisingly eaten alive by her pet pit bulls.

Combat AbilitiesEdit

Luis's combat abilities are unknown, but is presumably strong, as he owns a gang. Within the gang are loyal men.


"Oh....and I love you like a son!"
―Luis to Fabio

Luis is the film's central antagonist. In the begining of the movie, he has shown a very kind attitude towards Fabio, though this changed when Fabio left his quarters. Ruthlessly, he chases after him. Officially killing Fabio, Cataleya begins chasing after him. This results in his death, along with the rest of his gang's downfall. Greedy and protective, he has a personal bodyguard, Marco. When he was placed in a secret compartment in his mansion by Marco, he has shown signs of closterphobia.


Luis usually wears formal clothing, resembling more of a "tropical mood". He wears dressy pants with a dressy button down shirt, along with some jewelery.