Special agent ross

Special Agent Ross is portrayed by Lenie James in the Colombiana Film. He is one of the main characters of the film.


Agent Ross was able to track down Cataleya, aswell as look through her ingenious plans. Thank's to Danny Delanay's friend, the FBI was able to get a picture of Cataleya.

Tracking her down, and ambushing her, Ross worked with the S.W.A.T in the efforts of Capturing her. Though the capture was deemed a faliure, as Cataleya was able to escape through an air vent in the garadge of her condominium.

After Emilio and the rest of her family had been killed, Ross was forcibly restrained, and threatened to have his family killed one by one if he didn't help her in killing Señor Luis. Once Cataleya left, he was able to get off the mined chair he was sitting on (Cataleya's bind).

The next day, he confronted Richard, who knew about Luis. If he didn't give Ross the adress to Luis's mansion, he will be killed with a sniper rifle. He had no choice, and gave him the adress.

Thanks to Ross, Cataleya was able to find Luis, and kill him along with his men. Ross tries talking to Cataleya through Danny's phone (as they were saying their goodbyes), though she hung up.

Combat AbilitiesEdit

Ross's intellect is outstanding; being able to track down Cataleya, aswell as seeing through her disquises and plans. He also works with the FBI unit of criminal investigation, and presumably uses firearms aswell. During the film, he was working with the SWAT Team.


""You touch my family, and I promise you!""
―Ross to Cataleya Restrepo

Agent Ross is a criminal investigator. He went through the hardship of tracking down Cataleya, making various researches, such as an image of a cataleya rose and zooming in on cataleya's "prostitute" disguise. Finally receiving a picture of Cataleya without a disguise, he ambushed her with the help of the SWAT Team. This is a testament of his hard work and devotion. The ambush was a failure, though. Cataleya managed to lure him into a trap; a chair with a land mine beneath it. With fear of getting killed, he was forced to help Cataleya. He is a loving man; proud of his family. He threatened to kill Cataleya if she even "touched his family".


Agent Ross usually wears a silver watch, and a button down shirt. Due to his job, it is required of him to come dressed formally, or in a scientific outfit; he is a criminal investigator.